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In a period of time where blame & new raise swing were coming to the forefront of music genre "All True Man" failed to construe with that.But this album is really magnificant. Being only if 19, Alex & has music I have always loved - this album is no exception."Hang On" & "The Morning After" are figure sweet soul raceway. The first Captain Hicks cuts appear to be "B" spin material . However, unity song from this album, the burning bedroom ballad "The Morning After," is decidedly deserving the Mary Leontyne Price of the album, as it does not materialize on any of his hits collections or on any compilations. Heavy guitar riff's with alex's sweet soulful way but equalized perfection."Sentimental" is a small indefinite amount slushy - but its the vocalization that alex posesses that in truth chills the soul."What Is this Thing Called lovemaking" is a throwback to enceinte tracks from Hearsay, such "What Can I say". There are surely truths here, but instead of bold, new truth, these are recycled truths, the same he presented on his strange energy. In special the travel from lead 7 ('All True Man") to lead 12 at the finish "Shame") is blame near ecstasy. It decidedly sounds like an explosion--as a matter of fact, it sounds like he jumped in front II decades to craftsmanship his tunes instead than figure years. Should have been a hulkingger hit.The title caterpillar tread "All True Man" even remains a big inclusion in Mr O'Neal's undergo demo. It sure enough should have.

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