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Name des Vereins : Turnerschaft Göppingen
Name des Ansprechpartner's : Hans Sautter
Registernummer : 63089 / 00239
Adresse : Nördliche Ringstrasse 125
PLZ : 73033
Stadt : Göppingen
Bundesland : Baden Würtemberg
Land : Deutschland
Telefon : 07161 / 7 82 28
Fax : 07161 / 96 54 80
E-Mail : Sautter-goeppingen@t-online.de
URL : http://www.turnerschaft-gp.de
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Autumn's Grey Solace Last Tear
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Autumn's Grey Solace Last Tear mp3

An perfectly killer song that by itself makes it worthwhile to acquire the CD and garner it 5 stars. How Scott remains subdued in these slower songs which command the CD I get into't love. This CD has the best song I've heard for a period of time. "Cold Sea" is a lush loud-mouthed (and atmospheric concurrently someways) wonderful combination of sounds and melodies with some killer composition guitar beat uplaid over Erin's lovely vocals. IT PUTS MY MIND IN A DIFFERENT PLACE, AS I TOTALLY AM ABSORBED BY THE MUSIC. I am a new devotee of Autumn's Grey Solace. I late acquired a representation of the constraint's latest cd "Shades of Grey" and I thought it was a vast improvement over "Riverine". It feels like Erin Welton is having hassle singing or just now merely breathless on some songs. It's a nice percentage to wake in the morning. The first thing that I noticed when I started listening to the cd was how similiar the music was related to the Cocteau Twins and a trifle of Mazzy Star. I too sexual desire the playful "Fodderwing". I'm not secure if this intentional or not but in otherwise songs she cleanly executes the road without erring.
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