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Demis Roussos - Lost In Love

This album is a symbol on Demis Career. The wedding song is simply cracking. For some years Demis Roussos is all the same rattling popular midmost eastern. But all the songs are merely magic...If you like of the better music, Demis is the singer. Released in 1980, was produced by David Macckay for internationalistic market...the songs are fantastic and the Demis way is beautiful...like e'er. (). My nomineegs of this album are "I Need you", "I'd provide my prison term", "Had to last", "We're over", "Winter in america", "Miss you nights", "Sorry", "San Pedros Children" and "Man of the reality". His proponent is timeless, and I powerfully reccomend anyone to grease one's palms this album. Demis Roussos is a legend by all means. This album demonstrates extremely his large means.
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