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Perhaps that's why single discontent reviewer felt there were too numerous similarities to another of his scores. This is utterly a eager CD to get even. Ennio is pure MAGIC and proves it over again. Even if you haven't seen the photographic paper, buying this soundtrack is in spades meriting it. What a beautiful addition to the movie, what an unforgettable melody, how perfectly brilliant and evocative. It bothered me. I have ne'er in my living heard so much a perfect prick for much a perfect movie before, with the acceptions of Amelie and Titanic. If I have a complaint, it's that the innovative sung version of the melody [which we rivet few times in the movie, when Malena dances with the delineation of her missing-in-action husband, etc.]is not included, instead, a lovely and amply orchestral version by the Maestro is featured on the album. 'Summer of 42' captured the essence of infatuation of liking older women. 'Once upon the second in the author' is bang-up either. Here again you will happening alwaysything you ever loved about Ennio's music. Walking into the communicating to escort this photographic film, I had no idea that Ennio Morricone Composed the prick.

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