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Name des Vereins : Turnerschaft Göppingen
Name des Ansprechpartner's : Hans Sautter
Registernummer : 63089 / 00239
Adresse : Nördliche Ringstrasse 125
PLZ : 73033
Stadt : Göppingen
Bundesland : Baden Würtemberg
Land : Deutschland
Telefon : 07161 / 7 82 28
Fax : 07161 / 96 54 80
E-Mail : Sautter-goeppingen@t-online.de
URL : http://www.turnerschaft-gp.de
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Thirteen songs in 28 minutes, played with Ramonesy enthusiasm and tightness. Lyrics that are clever but not always apprehensible; nothing too mystifying but which avoids the pestiferous "emo" or "angst" style lyrics of the latest 5-10 years, which is nice. Think the Queers and/or Scared of Chaka, with a dose of no-bullsh#t recent-70's style index and chord changes. Falls along the spectrum someplace between the Ramones and Snuff but, as a phonograph recording, it unquestionably stands only. The singing is right significant and tuneful, not gruff, sung in the style of the Ramones but without the goofy Joey Ramone ambience. It all adds equal to a playfulness comprehend, something you can flak on your headphones on your part to body or learning, or in your assemblage at crowning volume, and it all flies by quite an pleasantly. They apply in no time but not sloppy, and still add the occasional 2 and 3 portion harmonies. Lots of playfulness (picture practice below) and extremely recomended. Great catchy, tight, daddy-strong-armer that rocks slaty and sticks to the ribs. The Dirtnap marking specializes therein sort of thing, and the Marked Men is figure of the better acts I heard in 2004.

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